What isCold Pressed

Cold pressed means we press our juices slowly and carefully.

We don’t believe in normal centrifugal juicing because the spinning heats the juice and destroys nutrients and taste. When cold pressing, a ‘hydraulic press’ is key, which uses just enough pressure to extract the juice without heating it. It takes a little more time but ensures no vitamins, enzymes or minerals are lost.

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Naturalicious stands for super raw and pure

Did you know a product is considered ‘raw’ if the temperature doesn’t rise above 48 degrees during the production process? When producing our Naturalicious juices, no heat is used and the temperature doesn’t rise above room temperature, therefore all the nutrients and good vitamins are retained.

High pressure technology

High pressure processing (HPP), a treatment with high pressure.

We deliver our cold pressed juices super raw and pure thanks to our high pressure technology (HPP). HPP destroys nasty pathogens in food and drinks, while preserving the positive vitamins and nutrients: the process is free of heat, which is typically what destroys the good stuff!

After cold pressing and bottling our juices, the bottles are placed in a pressure vessel and are kept under high pressure (up to 6000 Bar) for several minutes by using water. Commonly occurring spoilage microorganisms are inactivated by this process. All healthy nutrients (vitamins, minerals and macronutrients), flavour and texture are retained.

We believe that High Pressure is the best way to deal with cold pressed juices. Due to High Pressure all the nutrients are retained and the juice stays healthy and delicious.


We never use heat and promise never to add anything.

Naturalicious is super pure, and super raw.

We promise never to add anything to our juices because we believe that nature contains superpowers.

We are the healthiest way to quickly supercharge yourself.

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